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Since day one, I have been obsessed with the creative process. Forming, shaping, blending, designing, imagining and executing a creative plan is invigorating and truely addictive. 


"I was addicted to I am clean."   LOL. !!!


Blending scents and colors is a favorite past time and there is nothing more I enjoy than shareing the process with you.  Have you made soap before?  What did you use?  Did you like it?  Lets chat!

You like hosting parties, getting creative and having fun?

I can teach you how to make soap out of the fats rendered down from the harvesting of a hunt or the livestock you raise. There are multiple ingredients on the market you can order.  What are you wanting to make?

I travel all over the PNW teaching and sharing my work.  Lets get together and play.

Browse through our product gallery and experience shopping with Dancing Pine Soap Works for yourself. Please don’t hesitate to connect with  me with questions, comments or suggestions.

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